I operate my own studio and press in Baltimore, MD. I work full time at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD where I am the head of the Visual Arts department and curator for three gallery spaces. I also work part time at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.

I enjoy traveling, science fiction, heavy metal, and all things Halloween.



Printmaker, Winters Mill grad, back home as exhibit curator at Carroll Community College (Carroll County Times)



Please contact me for sales info, collaborations, commissions, or general inquiries:

Artist Statement

An anxious mark maker, I fixate on characters, myths, and stories that explore melancholy and escapism. Masked figures, fictional characters, and other manifestations of persona intermingle and appear repeatedly in my graphic works and drawings. I am interested in the tension between reality and fantasy; living in an increasingly digital world, it becomes harder and harder to untangle the two and uncover the true narratives behind curated personas and performative behaviors. Labor is important to my process in that it allows me to reconcile myself with my creations and exacerbates their permanence in an increasingly ephemeral world.