Jessi Hardesty is an anxious mark maker who fixates on characters and objects that exemplify longing, identity, and escapism. Masked figures, fictional characters, and other manifestations of persona intermingle and appear repeatedly in her graphic works and drawings. Much of her imagery is based in folklore, comic books, holidays, and science fiction; by exploring the constant tension between reality and fantasy, her work can question the contemporary curation of persona and obsession with the otherworldly. It becomes harder and harder to uncover the truth behind performative behaviors rooted in our collective superstitious past; via the ritual labor of carving and printing, she is able to channel and address the physicality of her creations in an increasingly ephemeral world.

Jessi Hardesty runs the Visual Arts department and galleries at Carroll Community College and supervises graduate students at McDaniel College, both in Westminster, MD. She lives and keeps a studio, Pumpkinhead Printshop, in Baltimore, MD. She enjoys traveling, science fiction, heavy metal, and all things Halloween. You can contact her at jessihardesty@gmail.com.

Curriculum Vitae