FIRST CONTACT is my alien brainchild, organized in April 2017 with a completion date set for February 2018, the portfolio will begin to tour galleries starting in April 2018. Twenty five exceptional printmakers from across the US and beyond were invited to tackle the expansive science fiction genre in a variety of traditional print media for this portfolio exchange. The title, FIRST CONTACT, refers to the oft-used term for humankind’s first encounter with an alien race. Science fiction, at its finest, is social commentary wrapped up in cool space-age uniforms, ray guns, and alien landscapes. FIRST CONTACT aims to spawn something in the psyche of its viewers; it hopes to make them stop and consider their place, or, indeed, humanity’s place, in the vast universe we call home.

Participating Artists:

Francisco Alonzo

Jamaal Barber

Douglas Bosley

James Chase

Aaron Coleman

Jacob Maurice Crook

Haig Demarjian

Tim Doyle

James Ehlers

J. T. Felix

Norberto Gomez, Jr.

Jessi Hardesty

John Jacobsmeyer

Jun Lee

Emmy Lingscheit

Brad Luke

Nathan Meltz

Steven Munoz

Endi Poskovic

Brian Reedy

Ashley Shaul

Dylan Garrett Smith

Freda Sue

Evan Summer

Christopher Wallace

FIRST CONTACT is scheduled to be archived at the Janet Turner Print Museum at California State, Fresno, CA and at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD. One additional copy of the full portfolio will be available for archiving, and two additional portfolios will be available to travel to exhibitions.

Images coming soon!